All our Frequently Asked Questions are listed below.


Wisdomap Law is an award-winning study aid for law students, built by lawyers. It is used by thousands of law students around the world to build legal maps and legal case flashcards, memorise legal information, create structured legal study notes and access legal information on the go.

All our Frequently Asked Questions are listed below. If you have any other questions, drop us an email, as we love hearing from our users.

How do you access Wisdomap Law?

To access Wisdomap Law, you need to create an account. To do this, go to Get Started and fill out a few fields. You’ll then get sent a verification email that you have to acknowledge. The process takes less than a minute (we’re nerdy and have tested it several times!).

Who makes the legal content?

You! To get the most out of Wisdomap, you should build your own legal case flashcards and legal maps. We have designed Wisdomap Law to be an effective learning tool. It’s the creating that matters. With legal case flashcards, you start with the Case TItle, Court Date and work through the Held, Principle, Facts and Notes. You can also add media files like images, videos and audio files. When you’ve created a bank of legal flashcards, you can then start applying them to the relevant legal concept maps. It is the creation of flashcards and maps that will cement your legal understanding.

Can I easily print off legal study notes?

Yes - we’ve made it very easy for you to download your legal concept maps and legal case flashcards.

Will you ever offer the legal content ready-made?

We are considering providing premium legal case flashcards and skeleton maps which users will be able to import into their accounts. However we would never endorse providing all the content as the power of Wisdomap lies in the creation of legal maps and flashcards.

How many users do you have?

We have thousands of law students around the world using Wisdomap to help them study law. Most of our customers come from the UK, USA and Australia but we are getting a growing number of students from Asia and Africa.

Is Wisdomap Law built by lawyers?

Wisdomap Law has been built by lawyers for law students. Our software has been used by a number of UK law schools.

Do you offer institutional licences for law schools?

Not at the moment, but we are exploring offering institutional licenses for large groups of law students.